Lady Dutch

Lady Dutch is a European inspired fashion line, created for today’s trendy and savvy North American diva. Designed for women between the ages of 25 and 55, it adds a feminine touch to any urban wardrobe.
Lady Dutch offers a complete collection of stylish tops, dresses, sweaters, blouses, pants, skirts and jackets, all at affordable prices in-line with today’s fiercely competitive ladies wear market.
Lady Dutch can be found in independent specialty boutiques, as well as big chain retailers across North America.
Inspired by European and North American runways, Lady Dutch adapts to current trends and is completely versatile, perfect for special occasions and everyday life.
The strength of the brand lies in the fact that it targets a particular and unique clientele, one that understands, appreciates and shares its vision when it comes to fashion. The Lady Dutch woman is a modern socialite, a glamorous fashionista, who knows how to dress for her body type and rock her curves. She is the new urban diva, confident, feminine, sexy and charming.
In today’s competitive retail market, Lady Dutch’s success lies in its avant-gardist nature, making it a pillar in the fashion world.
Lady Dutch is sophisticated, feminine and sexy, with a touch of glamour but also practical and comfortable. Lady Dutch is for you!